The Health Advocate is a program dedicated to transforming lives and bringing cutting edge information on health and wellness to community groups and companies. The Health Advocate shares the secrets to having an exceptional quality of life and living to your full potential. If you’re looking for a way to inspire your group or company to live healthier lives, The Health Advocate is for you. We look forward to serving you and creating change within your group or company!

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The Health Advocate is a program proven to ignite change in people’s lives. Dr. Clayton Roach has been entertaining groups and companies for the last ten years. He has a natural ability and the skills needed to engage and inspire people to make the necessary changes in their lives. His talks have evolved over the last few years and the content has been refined to capture his audience and keep them engaged throughout his presentations.

The Health Advocate has a total of five different presentations.  Many groups and companies start with one of the presentations and then decide to do all five based on the feedback of the group. While Dr. Roach is a highly paid and sought after public speaker in his profession, The Health Advocate is a FREE program.  This is his way of giving back to his community to which he owes his own success.

Please take time to view our website in its entirety. Browse through our testimonials and our presentations and get familiar with our services.  Make sure to indicate your interest by putting your name and email in the box next to the video on this page.  We will contact you to discuss your needs and to see if we are a fit.  Remember, health is not given, it is earned.  Let The Health Advocate provide the secret tools needed to be and stay healthy in today’s world!


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